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What would you do if you were building a property as you planned, and suddenly something unexpected happens and you find yourself in need of quick cash? That’s what happened to Lina and her husband: Here’s how they managed to solve the situation with Handcredi’s help.


For a project to get off the ground

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Planning is critical. But as complete as your planning is, you need to keep in mind that unforeseen events can happen. In these moments, searching for smart solutions makes all the difference.

This is what Lina and Joshua de Alonso did: during the construction of their property, they had an unforeseen event and had to find some quick solution so as not to compromise the project deadline. As a result, the couple chose to take out a building loan as they were in need of quick cash.

In the search for the ideal loan, Lina has exhausted all commonly available possibilities, such as overdraft and bank credit limit. When she realized that these options would not be enough, she began researching the financial institutions that offer secured property credit.


Agility in the hiring process was the deciding factor

Agility in the hiring process was the deciding factor

As there was a need for a fast loan, the option of hiring online was the best alternative for the couple. “With the traditional bank, the process would take 30 to 45 days. At Handcredi, I got it in just over 2 weeks. ”

Lina says that the agility in Handcredi’s process was a great differential. In addition to this uncomplicated flow, she comments that the service received has provided the security needed to proceed with the contracting of the construction loan.

“What got me going through the process with Handcredi was the agile way it all flowed: when I did the simulation, the consultant immediately contacted me. I got a call the next day, and then they sent an email with the next steps. This made me continue with Handcredi, ”said Lina.

In a short time, Lina and Joshua got the ideal loan to proceed with the construction of their property and still secured the lowest interest rate in the market. Do as they do and get the Handcredi secured property credit.