Google Home Mini – Small in sound and big in value

The new and affordable Home Mini by Google does everything that best Bluetooth speakers cannot even fathom: this unit comes well equipped with the Google Assistant that is always on a go to help you out to find answers, turn tunes, dim lights, and start your TV show and lots more by using your voice. Home Mini is very much like a larger and expensive Google Home. However, that is where this comparisons stop. Whereas others make for solid speakers from the performance standpoint, Home Mini cannot hold as an only sound-maker in the house.

affordable Home Mini by Google


The Google Home Mini generally looks like Google turned this Home upside down and smushed it to its size. You will find fabric-texture at the top of the device with matte plastic on bottom half. Palm sized of Home Mini gives a fabric mesh, but it is conductive to touch in some areas.  Placing your finger on right and left sides of speaker lowers or increases the volumes. And finally, when you navigate with the voice and touch, Home Mini can illuminate 4 LEDs on the top to show your action is registered.


Home Mini is one highly affordable and competent Google Assistant speaker accessible and thankfully, the voice recognition does not suffer from reduction in price and size. You can easily buy Home Mini from Amazon Hong Kong. Whereas it is one very good value for this price, it has got a decent sound that makes it the better desk friend than standalone speaker.